Services We Provide

CAD draughting bureau: AutoCAD or MicroStation.
  •  Produce drawings from hand mark-up.
  •  Amend CAD drawings for corrections, updates, changes etc from marked up drawings
  •  Amend CAD standards as required
  •  Rail / Tube industry CAD work

CAD Consultancy: Configure AutoCAD or MicroStation.
  • Set up configuration files within AutoCAD & MicroStation to suit client's third party CAD standards
  • Produce concise manual for following standards (as above)
  • Produce batch conversion routines for converting files from one CAD standard to another
  • Set up batch process files for error correction
  • Modelling of designs in 3D and producing linked sections and elevations or visualisations
MicroStation support provided by Bentley Select Services (subscription). This provides software updates
and help support where NiceSprint Ltd work experience is not enough.
AutoCAD support provided from
Excitech subscription, providing support with software updates and help
support where NiceSprint Ltd work experience is not enough.

CAD Surveying: Survey buildings and produce CAD output at the same time.
  • Basic measured survey. Rooms surveyed with doors & windows (no retainers measured)
  • Enhanced measured survey. Rooms surveyed with window retainers measured & drawn. This
    survey can include radiators, sanitary fittings, fitted furniture, & free standing furniture.
  • Check survey. Where a client has a set of drawing plans that they want checks for accuracy carried
    out. We can use them and add our diagonal cross checks to their CAD file.
  • Photographic Survey. This type of survey could form part of an 'enhanced survey' or if the client
    wants a photographic survey as part of a condition report or valuation record. We can carry out a
    photographic survey that is linked in to the drawing files. Each photo is represented by a symbol
    on the drawing plan with direction arrow and the numbered photo's downloaded into an excel
  • Fire evacuation drawings. These would be the basic survey with additional symbols representing
    evacuation points, fire protected zones, fire bucket & extinguisher locations, refuges, fire lifts, fire
    alarm control panels. With this type of survey, we would liase with the estate/building manager for
    some of the more sensitive information.
  • Existing furniture layouts. This type of survey would be useful for an interior architects who are re-
    locating clients from several buildings into one single location. By surveying each site's furniture
    layout, the architect could easily establish space requirements in the new office space.

The examples above are some of the uses that can be achieved easily with our equipment. If you have
different requirements please contact us & we can see if we can accommodate your specific needs.

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