Configuring of software

LUL & their infraco’s have at least 6 MicroStation CAD standards, some with marginal differences,
some that are completely different.  In our experience, a project that was started some years earlier will
often continue to use the original CAD standards.
NiceSprint Ltd has available in its archives:

•        Metronet/Alliance (original) standards
•        Metronet (revised 2008) standards
•        TLL (V5f) standards (2005)
•        TLL (V6&6.1) standards (2006)
•        Crossrail standards
•        LUL standards 2006
•        LUL standards (start up pack 1.2.4) 2008

Each of the above has specific differences to the fonts / levels used / drawing numbering / drawing
border / file numbering. The benefit of customised project configuration in  
MicroStation is that it takes
away a lot of worry about complying with the standards. So long as the correct configuration is selected
when opening the software, the correct standards will be applied along with the correct cell libraries etc.
It is necessary to have specific guidance as to which CAD standard should be used from the TFL or
infraco Project Manager.

Production of CAD standards manuals for the Rail Industry. LUL & its infraco’s produce their
CAD standards which are very wordy and may be spread over more than one volume.
NiceSprint Ltd has
experience in reducing that down, together with putting together the client’s own requirements. When that
is done it makes it very easy to follow those standards however many there are.
NicesSprint Ltd can set
these up in its offices and then install the configuration at the client’s offices & train the CAD personnel in
using it effectively. Back-up support can be made available as well as production of QA procedures &
process files for correcting non standard files.

The LUL/infraco CAD checking procedures are hit & miss. They have a reputation of taking a sample of
files & running them through an automated checking procedure. (it would appear this is an axiom
product) the automated checking procedure creates a spreadsheet with its findings.

NiceSprint Ltd has developed a way of automatically correcting errors that are known. Once these are
created the process of correcting files can be reduced. Hundreds of files with these errors can be
corrected per hour. These errors could include level name/colour errors, text & dimension style errors,
global origin errors, view attribute settings, active scale settings, active angle settings. As well as
correcting the files, additional commands can be added to compress the file, fit the drawing into the view,
detach all or some specific reference attachments.

Conversion of CAD files from
DGN to DWG or DXF  (or any variable of these formats)  where level / layers,
fonts, dimension styles, colours, line styles, all or some of which need to be amended to meet the client
requirements. In our experience, there are often circumstances where the CAD standards requirements
will change and adjustment to a new standard is necessary either when a project is taken over, or when
the 'As Built' drawings are submitted. It will always be necessary for the client to liase with their client
engineer for guidance on which set of standards they should be using. In our experience the first thing to
do when receiving 'legacy' project CAD files that need converting is to take a sample of the files. If the
sample show that there is no consistent use of levels/layers then rather than use the batch conversion
approach which can be processed in the background, we use the batch standards checker. This is a
very user intensive process. With it the user will check existing levels/layers against the 'standard'
levels/layers required for that discipline. The process then checks text styles & dimension styles.
Drawing border correction will inevitably be a manual correction.

3D modeling of building services using
MicroStation software. This can be done to the specific CAD
standard that is needed from the extensive library of information available to
NiceSprint Ltd.

Where a clients work has been rejected due to non-compliance with a client's CAD standards NiceSprint
will take on file correction / re-configuration  work.

NiceSprint Ltd has been involved in an extensive range of projects on the London Underground network
such as:
Crossrail Project :- Station Design (Building Services) @ Tottenham Court Road (2007-8) &
Whitechapel (2010-2011), Geotechnical Design & Build where tratment zones were over Tottenham
Court Road  & Bond Street platforms, also Thames River Crossing additional treatment areas

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