Using AutoCAD or MicroStation software to produce detailed layout drawings, co-ordinated sections,
isometric diagrams, schematic diagrams & elevations as well as record drawings. In the following
disciplines: Electrical / Fire / Mechanical / Architectural / Interiors.

Co-ordination of services to ensure build ability.
NiceSprint Ltd has the experience to co-ordinate
building services in confined spaces / service voids to ensure not only that it is buildable but also
maintainable. Pipework may in the future need to be got at to branch off for future installations. Cable
trays / trunking often needs additional cabling added to it in the future.

Record drawings including correction or exchange of CAD standards.

3D modeling of buildings using
MicroStation Triformer software. 3D modelling is usually used to
reduce clashing of services or structure. It is also used for visualisations for presentation work. The
visualisation can include solar or enhanced lighting techniques.
NiceSprint Ltd in the past has modeled a schemes  for
  • Bank of Scotland Health & leisure complex in Scotland.
  • Domestic building extension where roof trusses were modelled to ensure service links for new
    bathroom & htg pipework.
  • Stage E 3D building services design for Tottenham Court Road Station.
  • Geotechical drawings on the Bond Street & Tottenham Court Road Crossrail sites where the
    modelling included production of TAM pipes and measured between the london clay surface and
    the new crossrail tunnels and existing underground structures. Modelling of Thames Water
    Sewers from 2d survey drawings was also part of the work.

All CAD work is carried out at
NiceSprint Ltd office using fully licensed & supported software. Where a
client requires us to work in their offices, that can be arranged.

Where mark-up drawings are provided to work from, these will be highlighted as they are done and an
additional further print run off to quality check all details before returning the work, along with original
mark-up & check print. These will be posted back to the client together with a CD containing the finished
CAD files

NiceSprint Ltd will always work to the client’s CAD standards, however to do this we will need:

  • standard block libraries
  • drawing sheets;
  • text & dimension styles;
  • layering standards;
  • ‘*.ctb’ plotting files
  • file numbering strategy & drawing numbering strategy

AutoCAD or MicroStation work will be saved to a specific version number to suit the client's
requirements (ie as their software version so they can open the finished CAD files.
Where the client does not have specific CAD standards,
NiceSprint Ltd can tailor standards to suit the
client’s needs. Where we work to our 'in house standards, a copy of the necessary (*.ctb) plotting files
will be provided as well as a manual of CAD standards in PDF format together with the final deliverable

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