Surveys are conducted using a hand-held Laser Measure Hilti PD38 coupled via ‘Bluetooth’ technology to
the hand-held microcomputer a
Samsung Q1 ULTRA. This approach, which produces the CAD drawing
during the survey process, allows us to establish and accurately check all building dimensions while on

Significant improvements in survey quality are gained using this equipment when compared with
measuring with a tape because the finished drawing is visible to the surveyor as he measures, thus
errors or omissions are avoided.

A precision of ± 5mm over 100 metres is achievable with this equipment - giving a normal working
accuracy of approx ± 25mm between any two points after building tolerances have been taken into

We can measure all types of buildings, offices, industrial warehouses, public buildings, temporary
buildings (prefabs), domestic houses, flats etc.

Contractors, consultants, architects, interior designers and others can all benefit from our service. We
can provide accuracy & speed. These surveys can include:-

  • Office / retail / domestic building plans;
  • Mechanical or electrical equipment in equipment rooms;
  • Mechanical or electrical services for accurate record drawings;   
  • Furniture in large offices that need to be re-planned for re-structuring or refurbishment;
  • Warehouse/industrial racking / equipment;
  • Lease plans / Land registry compliant plans
  • Energy assessment drawings

We can provide floor plans with varying levels of detail - from simple walls, columns, doors and window
surveys, to a fully detailed data set including all 3D information (sill & head heights, stair riser and going
details, door heights, ceiling heights, beam details etc).

As part of our enhanced measured surveys, the surveyors can also record other information such as
electrical and data points, sanitary fittings, radiators, incoming mains positions, plant, fire fighting and
detection equipment, security equipment and signage.

Basic measured building survey will consist of the internal building surveyed room by room with doors
& windows & staircases. Where possible the boundary of the site will be measured.

Enhanced measured building survey will be as the basic survey but with the addition of specific client
requirements. These could include for switches, power outlets, fire detection/equipments, furniture,
sanitary ware (these will be shown by the use of standard symbols although a photo record can be
With this survey the client specifies additional requirements.

Photographic survey done at the same time as a measured survey will produce a key plan where the
photos were taken as well as an accurate measured plan. Photographic surveys can be done using
existing CAD drawings where DWG files are available. Photographs are saved to a spread-sheet which
could include further information on condition or description of equipment. Conducting a photographic
survey at the same time as a measured survey does save a lot of money in the long run although it will
take longer to conduct & will result in a more costly survey. These days designers use photographs as in
integral part of the design process. Seeing a photograph of something makes it easier to convey
information to third parties and provides a visual record.

Condition survey can also be taken with voice recordings represented on the measured survey by
annotated symbols which can be replaced by written notes on the drawing or a spread sheet prepared
the next day or after the survey has been completed. Mapping the voice notes into the measured plan
saves time on site, however further time will be taken in the office. The key to this part of the survey is for
clear instructions as to what needs recording. We will not be advising on repair work or costs for repair
work or maintenance intervals.

Check survey is useful where existing drawing information accuracy is in doubt. Because our survey
methodology is so effective & quick, it is always beneficial to re-survey the building throughout where
doubt exists on existing information accuracy. Check surveys are used for building measurements as
well as existing services installations, where they are to be modified for re-use in a new scheme. Once
the check survey has been completed, the existing drawing CAD file can be stretched to suit the new

Fire evacuation drawings. We can produce these competitively using our 'CAD surveying' equipment.
Where a building has a fire escape strategy & established escape routes these can be quickly drawn up.
We will identify the following:
  • building, all rooms within, doors & accessible windows.
  • protected zones (by fire sprinklers, steam or gas)
  • zones that have fire detection, heat detection
  • refuge zones
  • mobile extinguishers
  • hydrant points
  • sprinkler test valve point
  • indicator panels, fire control panels

Furniture layouts. Where a client is re-planning their office arrangement or re-locating from a number of
buildings into one site, they will need an existing furniture layout before they design the new layout. This
makes it a lot easier to ensure all existing furniture & equipment can be catered for.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

The Survey methodology. We measure each room along each wall until the room is complete. When the
room is completed, a corner to corner check measurement is taken to ensure accuracy. Where possible
each measurement will be taken at the same height off the floor to maintain accuracy. The room area is
taken next together with a room height measurement that allows  the volume to be calculated.  Windows
& Doors are added, each opening is measured from one corner of the room. Where a door opening
occurs, the walls on each side of the door opening are taken, thus starting the next room. Each room is
measured in this way until the building or floor is completed.

If additional information is required: radiators, sanitary ware, electrical sockets/switches etc, fire
equipment, fitted cupboards, free standing equipment etc (whatever the client has specified)
Where sanitary ware, electrical or fire information is added to the drawing, these will be placed accurately
on the drawing as they occur. Symbols such as electrical equipment are measured to the centre of the
equipment along a wall. They will not necessarily be drawn to scale.

Where rooms have obstructions that cannot be moved, measurements will be taken across the room to
give an approximate room area. The room will be marked thus to make it clear that the normal accuracy
was not achieved due to obstructions. We will state what the obstruction was.

See the building Survey Example
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