Purpose of our Training Courses:
  • This site is primarily focused on MicroStation software solutions & training.
  • We are not a Bentley Affiliate or software vendor.
  • Our services are based on the extensive experience we have gained throughout a long &
    varied career in Building Services & Architectural practices from 1989 to the present time
  • The services offered are cost effective training & manual preparation for businesses that
    need to use MicroStation software to suit their clients requirements.
  • We can offer advise on what you need to establish from your design team affiliates, so that
    you are all working in the same way.
  • We offer on-line MicroStation solutions & explanations to common problems faced by
    MicroStation users.

Company Strategy for Training Courses:
  • In order to maximise the effectiveness of any training course, it will be necessary for us to
    visit your premises & find our how you currently work, assess your current software
    solutions & see what can immediately be transferred into a MicroStation workflow.
  • We believe training is best done at the clients premises, this cuts out the cost of transport &
    time to the client.
  • We have found a good way to produce consistency of CAD output is for novices to use a
    ‘Basics manual’ both as a reminder, and for future training of additional staff.
  • Most Consultancies have their own ways of producing drawings, we will tailor our clients
    MicroStation CAD Standards to be as close to the companies existing workflow, whilst
    allowing for special requirements that may be necessary for a specific project.
  • Project specific configurations. Because of some Clients specific requirements, it is more
    efficient to set up project specific configurations, these ensure that the clients standards can
    be adhered to & checked accurately within each configuration.

Additional Benefits:
  • Training & Training support manuals
  • Company specific CAD manual
  • Production or conversion of Company Specific Drawing symbols
  • Translation of CAD files DGN-DWG or DWG-DGN
  • CAD bureau. Outsource your MicroStation DGN / DWG to us.

Training Courses:
  • 2D Basic skills - see below for explanation                              
  • 2D Advanced skills - see below for explanation   
  • 3D Modelling Basic Training - see below for explanation   
  • 3D Modelling Advanced Training - see below for explanation   
  • Productivity skills training - see below for explanation  
  • Customised Courses - see below for explanation

2D Basic Skills:
  • Explaining the drawing interface
  • Attribute, Primary & Standard tool bar explained
  • Main Tool bar explained
  • Accudraw & Key-in commands
  • View controls explained
  • Status bar explained
  • Locks & Snaps explained
  • Working with text styles & dimension styles
  • Working with DGNLIB files
  • Working with reference files
  • Printing drawings
  • Drawing preferences explained

2D Advanced Skills:
  • Plot Configuration (batch plotting)
  • Standards Checker
  • Batch processing
  • Batch Conversion (DWG/DXF)
  • Project configurisation
  • Using multi-lines
  • Using Group commands
  • Setting up the project ‘DGNLIB’ files
  • Setting ‘global origin’
  • Using Packager
  • Using Design History

3D Modelling Basic Training:
  • 3D Surface modelling tools
  • 3D Solid tools
  • Feature modelling
  • 3D view control
  • Using Accudraw in 3D

3D Modelling Advanced Training:
  • 3D Model visualisation
  • Rendering Setup
  • Interative Plans and Sections
  • 3D PDF files
  • Material pallet
  • Lighting
  • Saving Images
  • Measuring in the 3d model
  • Solar study

Customised Courses:
  • Courses can be put together based on the precise requirements of each clients
    requirements. This could be based on 3rd party CAD standards such as TFL or network rail
    CAD standards.

  • Visit to Clients premises for assessment of training requirements or for advise on setting up
    your first MicroStation project. £300.00 per day plus travel costs
  • Training £350.00 per day for first student, with 50% discount on additional students plus travel
  • Training Manuals @ £30.00 each
  • CAD Standards manual @ £45.00 each
  • Production of MicroStation Cell libraries (fixed price – individually assessed for each client)
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